Dracula Red colored 1-year contact eye lenses pair, no dioptres

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  • Apply your makeup before you put in crazy lenses.
  • You will need not only your contact lenses but also a contact lens case and a bottle of contact lens solution. These are essential in order to use your lenses correctly and care for them properly. You may also like to use a pair of contact lens tweezers. These are not essential, but many people find that they make it easier to handle contact lenses. We recommend contact lens tweezers for anyone with long nails, as long nails can damage contact lenses.
  • It may take you a few attempts to insert your coloured contact lenses for the first time. Don't worry - this is normal and you will soon get used to it. It is best to insert your lenses is in a brightly lit area with a freestanding or wall mounted mirror. A bathroom is ideal. If possible have a clean, smooth surface below you - if you drop a lens, this will make it easier to find.

NEED A LENSES WITH POWER BUT THEY ARE ONLY AVAILABLE IN PLAIN? Here is an idea for you: Some our customers wear crazy contacts over the thin single use one-day contact lenses with diopters. However, we do not recommend this, and if you do so - consult your optician.

1. BEFOREHAND: Wash, rinse and dry (dry is optional) your hands thoroughly, better leave your fingers wet - to avoid dust from the towel. Prior to inserting the lens, check that it is free from notches and dust. Under no circumstances should you use lenses that are dried out or damaged. Rinse the lens with solution before you insert it. If the lens is damaged, do not use it. Also, check that the soft lens has not turned inside out. The lens should look smooth and rounded.  

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pair (2 pieces)

0 PLANO (no prescription needed)


8.6 mm

12 month

APP.VALIDITY when wearing on a daily basis
3 month


These crazy contact lenses provide a stunning visual effect, they are for cosmetic purposes only.

The lenses is soft textured, and made of 45% water & 55% Terpolymer, immersed in sterile buffered saline solution. Lenses are produced under ISO International Standards quality control and assurance, and have a CE safety certification.
APP.VALIDITY AFTER OPENING when wearing on a daily basis - see product info above. 
MAX.RECOMMENDED DAILY WEAR: 12-16 hours (day use only. do not sleep in these lenses)

Lenses are completely circular in shape.
Each package contains a pair of soft sterile lens in a buffered saline solution, and detailed handling and maintainence instructions.
Each lens has a clear circle in the middle so that your pupil can see through it.
Your eyes are precious, please read the contact lens wearing instructions, before you wear lenses.
All lenses should be stored in the contact lens container, filled with contact lens solution. Both (container and solution) can be bought at the pharmacy (drug store) or optical store.
Special print on the lense (colour) will completely cover your natural eye color- even if your eye is dark.
Prescription Not Necessary.
After opening the first time (taking out of the original packaging): PLEASE ENSURE THAT LENSES ARE SOAKED IN A MULTIPURPOSE SOFT CONTACT LENS SOLUTION FOR A 0.5-2 HOURS BEFORE WEARING.

Lenses are made by MAXVUE VISION. The range are Colorvue or Phantasee collections.

MAXVUE VISION - an ISO9001 certified organization complies to stringent quality control and regulatory requirements needed by various Health and Medical Device regulators around the world such as European CE, Australian TGA and Canadian CAMCAS. Our products are manufactured in accordance with these requirements using the state of the art manufacturing technology and materials. MAXVUE VISION is a global contact lens company which specialise in cosmetic contact lenses and lens care products since 2008.

Please note: Because of hygene reasons lenses are not refundable product. Thank you for understanding.

Attention to our customers in USA: we ship contact lenses to United States only by registered priority mail with National Post Office (USPS). Delivery by FedEx courier is not possible because of the liquid in which lenses are stored.  

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